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Audible Book Coming!

I’m pleased to report that an audio book (from Audible.com) is in production! Thanks to the success of my book, an Audible book was “green-lighted” (it’s actually what they told me) and so the task of choosing a narrator began in earnest. I also considered narrating the book myself but, in the end, wasn’t sureContinue reading “Audible Book Coming!”

Everyone Reacts to Change Differently – An Excerpt

In Saving Organizations That Matter, I describe the fact that we all react to change differently. I place these reactions along a “change continuum” and then subsequently provide specific strategies to help advance individuals who are at different places along the continuum forward and toward the organization’s goals. Here is an excerpt: Reactions and theContinue reading “Everyone Reacts to Change Differently – An Excerpt”

It’s a Bestseller!

I received a nice (and unexpected) notification that Saving Organizations That Matter has achieved bestseller status on Amazon! Acumen Press ran a promotion and my book became the #1 book in three categories: Business Mentoring & Coaching (which makes sense to me), Business Management (also makes sense) and Green Business (huh?). The above image isContinue reading “It’s a Bestseller!”


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Hi, I’m Rey… a longtime consultant, manager, speaker, and author. Thank you for checking out my new book, Saving Organizations That Matter.

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