Audible Book Coming!

I’m pleased to report that an audio book (from is in production! Thanks to the success of my book, an Audible book was “green-lighted” (it’s actually what they told me) and so the task of choosing a narrator began in earnest. I also considered narrating the book myself but, in the end, wasn’t sure I would be the best choice or that I could produce a consistent, pleasing narration for the entire project. So, we’re leaving it to the professionals. I must say that the task of weighing in on which voice to choose to essentially be my own was difficult and a bit strange. I heard high pitched, booming voices. Slower tempo and hushed voices. Odd English speaking (but clearly not American) voices. Eventually, I found one that fit the tone of the book and… reminded me of… well me. Production is underway!

Good old fashioned paper (or Kindle) version can be found here.

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