“The work of love, the courage of love, the truth of love…”

I continue to receive positive reviews on Saving Organizations That Matter and distribution is now expanding to other book sellers. I had to pause when I read the most recent review on Amazon – see here. The author is Joe Barca, who wrote the following:

“Rey is a natural leader and a gifted writer. He explains the good stuff and the hard stuff of managing through change. He doesn’t write in complex oblique ways. Everything is practical and relatable. This book should be required reading for anyone who will be managing during a time of turbulence. Rey is part poet, part preacher, and part professor. He teaches with metaphor, analogy, and parable.

“It is a bit strange to mention love in a review of a business book, but that is what comes to mind. The work of love, the courage of love, the truth of love. This book will help you to become a better manager, and a better human.”

I was really moved when I read Joe’s review, most particularly the final paragraph, as I have received similar feedback from other readers, including recently from members of a management team for a home health company, stating that they felt inspired by the book, that it motivated them and helped them to feel more optimistic about the future.

I set out to write a no nonsense, practical guide to organizational turnarounds and transformations and am humbled that some are finding inspiration and hope… and even love… within my book.

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