It’s a Bestseller!

I received a nice (and unexpected) notification that Saving Organizations That Matter has achieved bestseller status on Amazon! Acumen Press ran a promotion and my book became the #1 book in three categories: Business Mentoring & Coaching (which makes sense to me), Business Management (also makes sense) and Green Business (huh?). The above image is an actual screenshot of the results of the promotion.

I have stated that my goal is for this book to become a helpful, practical guide for those responsible for the success and viability of mission driven organizations. I’m hoping it finds its way into the hands of executives and board members of such organizations and it’s gratifying (and massively humbling, I might add) to know that so many are buying and downloading my book.

At some point, Amazon is going to start putting the gold #1 Bestseller sticker on the book. Amazing. I’m so grateful!

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