Thank you for the positive feedback!

A great big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to provide feedback and write reviews on for my book. These can be found here.

Here’s a sample (P.S., these are from actual reviews!):

“Every now and again I find a book I wish had been written earlier in my career. This is one of them. Rey Spadoni provides a perceptive view of what’s important in mission-driven organizations, or any organization – the people.”

“Whether your organization or company is preparing for, or living through, the Tropical Storms that the author describes, there is certainly something to be learned. The book provides a really tangible and pragmatic approach on how to address the inevitable waterfall that is looming downstream.”

“Rey’s book provides practical, straightforward advice drawn from actual, not theoretical, experiences. His guidance works for anyone in a leadership position, having to make difficult organizational and strategic choices.”

“Rey Spadoni has written a book that is as compassionate as it is clear-eyed. If you have ever worked in or around a mission-driven organization, you will find his reflections on how those organizations thrive or flounder achingly true to life.”

“From tunnels of fire to pen drawers, waterfalls and spaghetti, Rey Spadoni’s Saving Organizations That Matter is a treasure chest of advice drawn from the experience of one who has been in the trenches both as an external consultant and as a leader within organizations.”

“I liked how Rey introduced organizational values of financial, mission, portfolio and strategic around program and service decisions. It provides a great construct for any leadership team or board in evaluating tradeoffs. This book will be insightful for new and experienced executives alike.”

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